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Why Interior and Exterior Paints used are Different?

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Painting is one of the most aesthetic aspects of any building or house. However, selecting and hiring the right company for such an important job is often very confusing. Therefore, GoPro Fix Property Maintenance services are the best that anyone can hire for this field. This particular home maintenance company in UAE commands a professional and experienced group of workers capable of delivering projects within the deadlines. The flexible payment and low-cost services are also some of the most delicate features in this sector. Therefore, GoPro Fix provides the finest painting services in UAE that anyone can afford. However, before hiring any company, it is crucial to know the differences between interior paint and exterior paint.

Interior Paint

The purpose of interior paint is to cover the inner part of a house. Compared to exterior paint, it is less durable but can withstand non-regular washing or scrubbing. However, interior paint is not waterproof and can get eroded due to the weather. Moreover, since it is meant for indoors, toxic chemicals and VOCs are low in it. For color, property maintenance Dubai companies use interior paints that utilize organic pigments. Thus these can get faded quickly in direct sunlight. As per the experts in painting services in UAE, interior paint contains almost no outgassing.

Exterior Paint

Exterior paints contain additives that make them waterproof. As a result, it can prevent weather-related damages. Moreover, it can also withstand direct sunlight for a very long time without cracking or fading. The experts from painting services in UAE certify exterior paint to be very durable and avoid flaking and chipping. The durability comes from additional additives and extra resins used in color. This results in outgassing while the paint is drying. Moreover, to stop mildew and mold, exterior paint contains Mildewcides that can cause respiratory problems when inhaled.

Differences between Interior Paint and Exterior Paint

Almost every paint contains the same primary ingredients- solvent, resin, pigments, and additives. When the paint dries, the solvent, a mineral spirit for oil paint and water for latex paint, evaporates. The professionals from painting services in UAE make interior and exterior paints in various kinds of finishes.

Although both interior and exterior paints contain the same pigments and solvents, some of the pigments fade quicker than others. There is also more pigment in exterior colors. However, the difference lies between the additives and the resin. Exterior paints are capable of preventing erosion from temperature changes or every kind of climatic condition. Therefore, to make up for the ever-changing climatic conditions that the exterior paints will go through, flexible raisins are added to keep the paint unchanged, although underneath it, the surface contracts and expands. The painting services in UAE also integrate additives in the exterior paint that resists fading, resists mildew, and stops tannin staining.

On the contrary, interior paints don't get subjected to climatic changes like rain or snow. Hence, the painting services in UAE build these resins with greater rigidity. The job of these resins is to prevent damage from the scuffing of the interior paint and make the walls easier to wash.

There is a common belief that the pressure on exterior paint is far greater than that of the interior print. Therefore they will perform better compared to the interior paint in indoor conditions. However, interestingly exterior paint is a better victim of scratches and coughing than interior paint. Professionals from painting services in UAE point out that since exterior paints are made exclusively for withstanding harsh weather conditions, it releases more VOCs, thus making indoor use risky and less healthy. Moreover, the fungicides and Mildewcides present in exterior paint emits odor on humid days, sometimes causing allergies.

Using One over the Other

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The exterior paint contains added reasons that can result in outgassing lasting almost 48 hours. However, this reaction takes place in tiny amounts for an extended period. This is a primary reason that experts from painting services in UAE don't recommend exterior paint in Indoor conditions. Therefore to paint stucco and masonry, it is ideal to select a flat sheen exterior paint since the surface will get a scope of breathing, and the moisture will get passage to escape from the color. This is also important in brick walls since moisture transfer takes place in bricks, and hence the walls should be allowed to breathe. Therefore all the best home maintenance companies in dubai take care of such vital factors.

Therefore these are the significant differences between interior and exterior paints. It is essential to use the correct paint for any project like professionals do. However, the easiest way is to hire experts like painting services in UAE who can formulate suitable paints for different works guaranteeing the best results.

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