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New Flooring Trends and Ideas of 2021

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As they are homebound over the last few months, many customers have focused on upgrading their interior spaces, including flooring. Based on purchase patterns, GoPro Fix has identified the following as some of the trendy flooring options among customers. We have been offering flooring services in Dubai and elsewhere in the United Arab Emirates for a long time now. Therefore, we know a thing or two about how the mind of customers works concerning buying. We also know that it is best to spend on a floor that would be in style some years down the road rather than one that would look out of fashion then.


Many customers of flooring services in Dubai prefer lighter colors for their interior surfaces, such as grey. Wide-sized luxury vinyl material planks with grey-shaded hardwood in terms of natural appearance. It is a great material option thanks to its durability, look and waterproof characteristics for playrooms, laundries and other spaces where accidents may happen.

Chic, Farmhouse-Style

It has long been a big trend regarding furnishings and interiors, as the industry of flooring services in Dubai provides great options combining the distinct vintage and well-worn style with new technology. Designed for superior performance and durable, luxury vinyl floors resemble natural wood as well as have textured planks looking worn and aged.

Waterproof Hardwood

Since 2020, the latest generation of waterproof hardwood has been among the biggest options for flooring services in Dubai and elsewhere. Unsurprisingly, it is not showing any sign of slowing down in terms of popularity this year. Ideal for active residences with children and pets, some of the best home maintenance companies in Dubai expect designs with one-of-a-kind wire-brushed finishing to maintain its reign.


There is a wide variety of laminate flooring that brings a wood-like look to a room. A trend to watch out for in the category of laminate flooring is ashy browns, including one-of-a-kind graining and brown hues that contrast it. There are providers of flooring services in Dubai that offer surface finishing with the material at affordable prices. Better yet, the providers expect that laminate would be more popular over the coming years as it is durable, stylish and affordable.

Extremely Large Ceramic

Many customers seek oversized and rectangular ceramic tile-based flooring in light neutral shades such as white, cream and gray. More than just the aesthetics features, it is an option that marries durability, efficiency, and style. So, when you are looking to install one of these for your residence or office building, consider contacting a home maintenance company in UAE that offers the specific flooring option.

Cut-Loop Carpet

Are you seeking a carpeting option with an industrial and modern design? If yes, look for one with a striated and unique pattern that is loop cut to draw attention to it. Grey shades will continue to be prominent among customers as it complements the design.


So, keep all of these options in mind when seeking flooring services in Dubai or elsewhere in the world. Whichever option you choose, be sure to keep your residence updated starting with its floor. For any help with property maintenance Dubai, including flooring, be sure to contact the vendors that have trendy and affordable options.

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