Electrical Services In UAE

At GoPro Fix, we offer a wide range of electrical services in UAE through our adept and experienced technicians. We can work with residential, industrial or business clients on electrical projects, while helping to confirm compliance with rules, minimize costs, among other things. Our portfolio includes electrical installation inspections to help stop safety concerns for the property owner.

Our inspection can offer you, the property owner, a sense of peace in knowing that your residential or commercial electrical system works safely. It includes testing the system for any wiring issue that can cause fires, such as short circuits to name one. As one of the top maintenance companies in Dubai, we also handle the installation of new lighting, switches and sockets as well as upgradation of fuse boards.

With us, you can do instant bookings for electrical services in UAE at any time as well as get unmatched upfront prices, accidental damage protection, and more. Electrical work, being a specialized job, usually requires hiring a professional. Besides treating you respectfully, we can offer many different benefits related to electrical services in UAE.

A DIY approach to any form of electrical work may save some money initially, but it can compromise the overall quality of the system. The last thing you want is to put your business staff or loved ones at risk just because of the quality of your work. Therefore, it is not generally worthwhile to save some money through a DIY electrical installation or other related work. So, hire a provider of electrical services in UAE such as us instead of going down the DIY route.

Our extensive expertise allows assessing what should be done to help fix your electrical issues, buying the right number of supplies for a given task and finishing it with maximum speed. Besides, we employ professionals with extensive training on electrical wiring installation that makes them more than competent to perform the task. In a nutshell, our expertise and professionalism allow bringing the right kinds of solutions to all your electrical requirements. All of these and more help us continue to be a part of the top maintenance companies in Dubai market.


We are among the top maintenance companies in Dubai rendering the following electrical services in UAE, including:


  • Installation of safety switches and surge protection

  • Switch upgrades

  • Emergency and exit lighting

  • Power provisions to the electrical equipment in commercial locations

  • Data and Power installations to new counters

  • Audio-visual cabling

  • Signage connection and window displaying for time clocks

  • Communication and Data Cabling